55     My dear man: though you feel very much a child, and though you are one before God, don’t be so naive as to put your brothers “on the spot” before strangers.


153  Go, generously and like a child ask him: “What can you mean to give me when you ask me for ‘this’.”


267  We’ve got to be convinced that God is always near us. We live as though he were far away, in the heavens high above, and we forget that he is also continually by our side.

          He is there like a loving Father. He loves each one of us more than all the mothers in the world can love their children - helping us, inspiring us, blessing... and forgiving.

          How often we have misbehaved and then cleared the frowns from our parents’ brows, telling them: I won’t do it any more! - That same day, perhaps, we fall again... - And our father, with feigned harshness in his voice and serious face, reprimands us while in his heart he is moved, realizing our weakness and thinking: poor child, how hard he tries to behave well!

          We’ve got to be filled, to be imbued with the idea that our Father, and very much our Father, is God who is both near us and in heaven.


389  Holy shamelessness is a characteristic of the “life of childhood”. A little child worries about nothing He makes no effort to hide his weaknesses, his natural miseries, not even when everyone is watching him. This shamelessness applied to the supernatural life, brings with it the following train of thought: praise, contempt; esteem, ridicule; honour, dishonour; health, sickness; riches, poverty; beauty, ugliness ...

          All right... so what?


403  Be more daring still, and, when you need something, don’t ask, but - always mindful of the Fiat - say, “Jesus, I want that... and that... and that”, for this is the way children ask.


553  Don’t forget your childhood prayers, learned perhaps from your mother’s lips. Say them each day with simplicity, as you did then.


626  Isn’t it true, Lord, that you were greatly consoled by the childlike remark of that man who, when he felt the disconcerting effect of obedience in something unpleasant, whispered to you: “Jesus, keep me smiling!”?


697  Outside events have placed you in voluntary confinement, worse perhaps, because of its circumstances, than the confinement of a prison. You have suffered an eclipse of your personality.

          On all sides you feel yourself hemmed in: selfishness, curiosity, misunderstanding, people talking behind your back. All right: so what? Have you forgotten your free will and that power of yours as a “child”? The absence of flowers and leaves (external action) does not exclude the growth and activity of the roots (interior life).

          Work: things will change, and you will yield more fruit than before, and sweeter too.