Saint Josemarνa in his book ‘The Way’ writes two chapters about spiritual childhood, one called ‘Spiritual Childhood’ and the other ‘Life of Childhood’. From a whole of 999 points, 53 of them are contained in these two chapters, besides other ones dedicated to this subject, scattered throughout the book. This gives an idea of the importance of this topic in the life of the Founder of Opus Dei. It is well known that ‘The Way’ is born from his life and experience, during his first years as a young priest.

‘Spiritual Considerations’, the first draft of ‘The Way’, had only one chapter. The author must have divided it into two, to avoid a disproportionate big chapter. It can be said that the chapter of ‘Spiritual Childhood’ explains what it is; ‘Life of Childhood’ is more practical. Nevertheless this division between definition and praxis was already contained in the one chapter in ‘Spiritual Considerations’.